About The Music City Young Professionals

Music City Young Professionals is a networking group, a social club, a volunteer network, and an athletics coordinator all rolled into one membership organization. We're building a community of young professionals through events, athletics, and impact in Nashville! Membership is free and open to all those wishing to join.

"Our mission is to offer connections, access, and value for our members through professional and fun events, quality athletics, and community impact."

At its heart, Music City Young Professionals is about providing our members with personal and professional opportunities to connect with each other and with exciting opportunities throughout the city, all while getting involved and giving back to the community.

Throughout the year, our calendar will offer professional, fun, and philanthropic events: some free, some with a fee to enter. This will allow you the flexibility to attend our events and activities based on your schedule, your preference, and your wallet. And we encourage our members to get outside their comfort zone and try something new!

Still have questions about the Music City Young Professionals? Our F.A.Q. section has all of the answers to your questions.